Your “One-Stop” Source for all Your Vinyl and Fabric Needs!

Plastex International Inc. has been serving our customers worldwide for over 50 years. Our family business is committed to providing outstanding customer service, reliability and quality fabrics. We stock a huge inventory of vinyls and fabrics in continuous running lines. We also have stock lots, closeouts and promotional fabrics. We provide our customers with high quality and value that has been our “stock in trade” since our inception.

Plastex International Inc. provides:


  1. "In stock" full color lines of vinyls and fabrics.
  2. Prompt shipments.
  3. Customized products or special color developments.
  4. Competitive pricing.
  5. Attentive customer service.
  6. Special offerings.
  7. Ability to deliver goods meeting even the most stringent industry specifications.


  1. Commitment to ship most orders within 24 hours.
  2. Full line of “in stock” fabrics.
  3. Small roll put ups.
  4. Promotional items.
  5. Continuous offerings of new products.
  6. Your “one stop” source for all your vinyl and fabric.


  1. Experience in shipping throughout the world.
  2. Full inventory of first quality close-outs in vinyls, velvets, draperies, automotive products and trimmings (zippers, thread, metal ornaments, etc.).
  3. Continuous supply of special offerings suited for all industries.
  4. 2 locations in excess of 100,000 square feet of warehouse space where you can view and select items best suited for your markets.
  5. In-house staff fluent in several foreign languages.
  6. An understanding of your special requirements and the ability to meet your needs.


  1. A variety of products meeting industry standards.
  2. An assortment of designs, textures and color ranges.
  3. A vast inventory to meet your delivery requirements.


  1. Full line of “in stock” fabrics available for immediate delivery.
  2. Large selection of closeouts in a variety of fabrics and vinyls.
  3. Assorted vinyls and fabrics for furniture, tabletop, drapery and décor.


  1. Unsupported and supported vinyls in a variety of colors and embossings.
  2. Materials for linings; some water-repellant.
  3. Products in stock for immediate delivery.
  4. Ability to custom produce colors, products, etc.


  1. Vinyl and Double Polished Clear plastic (DPC) with UV protection that meets industry requirements.
  2. Goods in stock for immediate delivery.


  1. Softer vinyls that drape for garments and trim.
  2. A wide variety of woven fabrics for day or evening wear.
  3. Suiting fabrics for the uniform industry.
  4. Closeouts always available.